[New Business Post] MOMA Maternity Clothing

Today’s post is from MOMA a new top range maternity clothing line owned by two lovely ladies who had problems getting good maternity wears while pregnant. They didn’t want to whine about it; they wanted to solve the problem and so here is MOMA.

MOMA, is clothing retail line, we like to see our self as a lifestyle brand for women in the motherhood phase. Today we have launched with our maternity line.
MOMA ensures that the African woman is fulfilled in her lifestyle as motherhood sets in. We want to make you look trendy and professional during your pregnancy months in the office and even after that. We aim to dress you to suit your personal style, appropriate for your weather, and office environment. We also ensure that the clothes are made of high quality fabric, comfortable and yet beautiful.

MOMA was founded after the huge challenge of searching for good looking maternity wear during those nine months while working. The biggest challenge we faced during pregnancy was to look good, sophisticated and professional as we looked just before taking in, during our pregnancy months in the office.
Being working women and at the peak of our career, finding a nice outfit for a meeting or engagement was always a nightmare. Most times we had to order online or overseas and probably get the clothes after we had grown bigger than them.

Our Vision is to be the leading Clothing Retail Brand, where ever we are. We believe our mission is Enhancing the female lifestyle by Dressing Women during the Motherhood stage of their Lives.

Our maternity line is targeted at working women that are faced with the challenge of finding local stores that can keep them looking sophisticated and stylish during pregnancy. This also include women with a Pre-pregnancy body that have not returned to a post pregnancy state, fuller women, (thick mid region) or bulging stomach.

Our just launched “High Flyer Collection” it’s a 2year work ensuring we use Superior fabrics and unique styles for our label. We understand the market and want to dress our clients for this weather with styles irrespective of seasonal approach (winter, spring, autumn etc.).Our Styles come in a range of sizes (small, medium, large etc.) .We plan to have Fresh styles during each year. Our Ability to make our own styles, in the niche Formal apparel market sets us apart. MoMa works at having efficient operations with the Use of Technology (Social media, website etc.) to reach our market. Our prices are Competitive and we want to give our customers excellent Customer care. Later this year, we plan to be in the market via a lot of wholesalers and partnerships.

MOMA is looking for wholesalers and entrepreneurs to partner with. If you are interested in owning a maternity clothing store or becoming a reseller of their wears call 08032012147 and you can also send enquiry emails to jane@momasonline.com.
visit http://www.momasonline.com for more information
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To your Success,
Pamela Evbota