[Friday Reflection]Will Their Death Be in Vain?

Today’s post is a deviation from my usual Friday inspiration post. This is as a result of events that have shaken everyone in the nation even to its foundation.
It’s been 5 days since the tragic plane crash that killed 153 passengers on board and several people on ground. My heart has been heavy to the point where I had nightmares as if I was a passenger reliving the whole event. Momentarily during my day’s activities I see flashes of the Ayenes’ a family of 4 kids, father, mother and mother in law and I just can’t take it. I can’t wrap my head round how this lovely family would actually come home from their base abroad just to die in a plane crash. How is it possible that the airline company say the plane was in a perfect state and yet the nation mourns for over 153 people burnt to dead?

So why did Ehime Aikhomu die? Or Tosin Anibaba, or the mother that was pulled out from the rubbles in a protective position trying her best to protect her baby. Alas she was in no position to save hers either. Why did they die? What is the justification?
Couldn’t this crash have been prevented? My heart is filled with so many questions than answers. The anguish is simply indescribable

Will their death bring about a change in the regulation and running of the aviation industry? Will their death make our leaders have a human heart? Who will take responsibility for the death of the children who had their lives ahead of them? What do you tell the wife/husband who have suddenly become a widow (widower) or the kids who have now become the wards of the state because the plane crashed on their home and their parents got killed in the process? Will it be business as usual where standards and safety is compromised for the few thousands that will crease the palms of some heartless authorities?

We do not need tears from the minister or the president, we want solutions. The blood of the children could not have been wasted for us to go back to business as usual. This is the tipping point. 153 souls and more can not die for nothing.

Sanitizing the Nigerian aviation industry shouldn’t be an up hill task. We need planes that are between 0 to 5years old. Radar that works, employees that are willing to work even with a smile on their faces. Workers that will not exploit the airline carriers or the passengers. Bribery and corruption shouldn’t be our way of life. We need a government that will not only console and cry. We need action, a turn around in every area of our lives as a nation.

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one and I pray that God console and comfort every one of us. This must be the tipping point in our nation. Let them not die in vain.

In Peace and Love,

Pamela Evbota