Products and Programs

1. Earning A Living With Your Life Purpose Seminar – $67 (N10,000)
Earning a Living with Your Life Purpose is a one day on-site seminar about discovering your life’s purpose and earning a living from it.

This Seminar Will Cover:

• Discovering your true calling: your life purpose
• Identifying those things that you are passionate about
• Learning how to transform your purpose to a business idea
• Developing a goal and plan for your business
• Setting up a profitable business model
• Learning the techniques to stay on top of your game

2. Business Start Up workshop for first time business owners and those in business within the last 12 months $67 (N10,000) One day on site workshop.
The seminar includes information required when staring a business; Business Plan, Vision statement.

This Seminar Will Cover

• Your reason for starting a business
• The role of purpose and passion in business
• How to test your business idea
• Writing your Business Plan
• Essential marketing tips
• How to get start up funds
• Tax tips for a new business
• How to plan your business and your lifestyle – Time management

Seminar Takeaway

• A clear understanding of your business vision
• A clear understanding of the place of purpose and passion in you
• The ability to write a basic business plan
• A familiarity with the necessary tax tips
• Knowledge of fundamental marketing tips.
• An understanding of why you should plan your business around your lifestyle.

To sign up and register for the free e-course, seminar, and workshop please go to

3. 30 Day Success Journey Program – $100 (15,000)
Do you want to take massive actions and work with me on a 30day in-depth soul search journey where your reason of being is clearly known to you. And I can assure you that after our time together; you will no longer carry any baggage of negative feelings with you.

• Sign up for 30days Success journey and access 30days of inspirational quotes
• Get a copy of my 30days guided journal to assist you on the journey. Put down your thoughts as we journey together on self discovery. Each page is un- dated and has quotes to inspire you and thought provoking questions to set you in motions.
• One day retreat to work on your vision board and to help you chart the new course of your life.
• Weekly interaction via email to answer any question you might have.

To the question of your life, you are the answer and to the problems of your life you are the solution – Joe Cordare.

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