[Mid Week Inspiration] Teresa Morgan-Jones

Starting this week i will be featuring women in different Multi Level Marketing business and have made a success of their business. If you would like to be featured, just leave a comment.

My name is Teresa Morgan-Jones.
I was first introduced to Forever Living Products 5 years ago.
I’d been a hairdresser for 20 years.
I loved my job but at the time we had just been told that my husband Craig, could be in a wheelchair by the time he was 50, if he didn’t change his career, he’d had an accident in his early 20’s which left him with the bottom 4 vertebrae in his back totally crushed, he had been in the building industry for 25 years.
We had an amazing lifestyle, if Craig couldn’t work then I didn’t know how I was going to keep us in the lifestyle we’d become accustomed to – Forever came along at the right time.

I worked Forever 10 hours a week, very part-time alongside my 50 hours a week in hairdressing.
The support structure and training is second to none, even though you are in business for yourself you are definitely not by yourself, which is why Forever has the Investors In People Gold & Champion Awards.
After 10 months I was earning the same in 10 hours with Forever as I was in 50 hours in my hairdressing job, I was also having more fun with Forever, so I gave up my job.

The amazing thing was that Craig had such great results by taking Forever products, he came off his pain killers, his mobility is great which has allowed him to exercise, lose weight and he has a much better quality of life, he’s not cured but will never stop taking the products, which has also been a great advert.

Since then we haven’t looked back, we slowly cut Craig’s hours down, within 3 years he gave up the building industry completely and to my delight he now works Forever with me.

We both come from a self-employed background, whenever we took time off we didn’t get paid, now we do, neither of us had a pension; we now don’t need to worry about that as Forever is our pension.

Forever has given us the gift of good health, some incredible friend-ships, we now have an International business,
car-plan, international travel, a royalty income that gives us a secure future which allows us to look after our families.
It has given us total peace of mind, we have achieved so much already, but there is so much more to come, it will be the vehicle to allow me to do the charity work I’ve always wanted to do which in the past I have never had the time or money to do, the future is very, very exciting.

For me the most important thing is the fact that I am helping people with their health through our amazing products but also helping people develop a really secure income for them selves & their families, what could be better, the natural act of sharing what you love builds your independent Forever business.

E-mail: teresa@morgan-jones.info
Website: www.makeadifference.myforever.biz
Online shop: www.makeadifference.myforever.biz/store

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

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2 Responses to “[Mid Week Inspiration] Teresa Morgan-Jones”
  1. Sophie Rollin says:


    My name is Sophie and i have had the privilege of working alongside Teresa Morgan Jones for just over 3 years.
    Her support has been instrumental to the success of my business, and coupled with the training and support that forever offer – you cannot fail.
    Forever have been awarded the Investors In People Gold and Champion status for the top quality standard of training and support.
    I gave up my job 14 months after starting my Forever business, knowing i was going to be fully supported and helped it was the easiest decision i have ever made.

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I am glad you have been able to give up your job and are able to support your family doing what you love.
    It is important to create a lifestyle that makes us happy.

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