[Friday Inspiration] Life is an Echo

Do you remember the first time you experienced an echo and how you felt? Everything you said came back to you, initially you thought someone was playing a fast one on you and you had mixed feelings. You may have experienced a bit of fright if you where alone or it could have been anger at someone repeating what you said when all you needed at the time was help.

‘Life is an echo – what it hears it repeats’

Growing up my grandma will always say ‘be nice to everyone and never throw stones in the market place for you never know who might get hurt; it just might be your mother’. This of course is figuratively speaking. Life is a market place with lots of activities. Do your part and leave everyone better and happier than you met them. Don’t subtract from people but be a blessing.

Along your life’s path you will surely come across difficulties but, you have paid your dues by your good deeds. What comes along your way will not overwhelm you. We all need to be aware of the law of life and be nice to others. If we practice this we don’t need to be preached to; to understand the need to be good to other people.

Whatever we send out in life always have a way of coming back at us. If you are nice to others, God will always line up people along your path when you need help. When my father in-law passed on his younger sister cried saying; ‘who will help my children get a good job?’ Unfortunately my father in-law never helped any of his sons get a job but, they‘ve got great jobs. The saying goes that ‘The evil you do will hunt you’ how about saying ‘the good that you do, the joy that you give to others will come back to you’? Because it sure does.

There are certain things that we must be careful of; the way we treat others, what we say to them consistently and how we treat ourselves. It is so easy to be nice to other people and yet be mean to ourselves. We consistently speak negative words to ourselves and when it begins to manifest we wonder how it happened.

‘Life is an echo you get what you send out. What you sow will catch up with you’
How about ‘life is a boomerang’? You send it out and it comes back to you.

Whatever truth or lie you consistently profess about yourself, your children or anyone comes back as a reality over time. If you continue to tell yourself you are a nobody or that you will not succeed in life , it does happens because the word has been sent out as a seed and it continue to grow until it becomes your reality. There are so many things we say without realising that we are personally setting ourselves up to fail. People have continually called their children ‘Olodo’ some people say it out of fun or maybe the word sounds funny but it mean a ‘dunce’ why would you say that ?

Every negative or positive word that we say repeatedly has a way of becoming a part of our sub consciousness and invariably affects who we become in life. When a child lives with criticism, he learns to be timid. Psychologists and even clergymen have realised this and so they always tell parents to use positive words when speaking to their kids. Why not use the same principle on your self as an adult.

Repeated Negative words sooner than later produces a low self esteem and inferiority complex. Never confuse a low self esteem for humility. Analyze who you are becoming periodically. If you do not like what you see you have the power to change it.
Repeated positive words create a ‘can do’ attitude that brings out the best in you. When you continually tell yourself positive words, you become who you speak of.

Everything in life starts from the mind. To succeed in life you must have the right mindset. ‘Life is an echo; speak positive words for you can never be better than the life and the image that you portray of yourself through your words.
Always speak words that are consistent with what you want to achieve in life.

Do you know that the words that we speak are a true confirmation of what our core belief and values are? Let your actions be consistent with what your beliefs are. If what you exhibit is not what you want in your life then, you must work on your self and start afresh.

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

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2 Responses to “[Friday Inspiration] Life is an Echo”
  1. Thank you for this enlightening note. Indeed what we say is creative because there’s power or creative energy that is embedded in every word we utter, especially if it’s a reflection of what we feel. How do you stay positive in the midst of crisis?

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