[Friday Inspiration] Life is an Echo

Do you remember the first time you experienced an echo and how you felt? Everything you said came back to you, initially you thought someone was playing a fast one on you and you had mixed feelings. You may have experienced a bit of fright if you where alone or it could have been anger at someone repeating what you said when all you needed at the time was help.

‘Life is an echo – what it hears it repeats’

Growing up my grandma will always say ‘be nice to everyone and never throw stones in the market place for you never know who might get hurt; it just might be your mother’. This of course is figuratively speaking. Life is a market place with lots of activities. Do your part and leave everyone better and happier than you met them. Don’t subtract from people but be a blessing.

Along your life’s path you will surely come across difficulties but, you have paid your dues by your good deeds. What comes along your way will not overwhelm you. We all need to be aware of the law of life and be nice to others. If we practice this we don’t need to be preached to; to understand the need to be good to other people.

Whatever we send out in life always have a way of coming back at us. If you are nice to others, God will always line up people along your path when you need help. When my father in-law passed on his younger sister cried saying; ‘who will help my children get a good job?’ Unfortunately my father in-law never helped any of his sons get a job but, they‘ve got great jobs. The saying goes that ‘The evil you do will hunt you’ how about saying ‘the good that you do, the joy that you give to others will come back to you’? Because it sure does.

There are certain things that we must be careful of; the way we treat others, what we say to them consistently and how we treat ourselves. It is so easy to be nice to other people and yet be mean to ourselves. We consistently speak negative words to ourselves and when it begins to manifest we wonder how it happened.

‘Life is an echo you get what you send out. What you sow will catch up with you’
How about ‘life is a boomerang’? You send it out and it comes back to you.

Whatever truth or lie you consistently profess about yourself, your children or anyone comes back as a reality over time. If you continue to tell yourself you are a nobody or that you will not succeed in life , it does happens because the word has been sent out as a seed and it continue to grow until it becomes your reality. There are so many things we say without realising that we are personally setting ourselves up to fail. People have continually called their children ‘Olodo’ some people say it out of fun or maybe the word sounds funny but it mean a ‘dunce’ why would you say that ?

Every negative or positive word that we say repeatedly has a way of becoming a part of our sub consciousness and invariably affects who we become in life. When a child lives with criticism, he learns to be timid. Psychologists and even clergymen have realised this and so they always tell parents to use positive words when speaking to their kids. Why not use the same principle on your self as an adult.

Repeated Negative words sooner than later produces a low self esteem and inferiority complex. Never confuse a low self esteem for humility. Analyze who you are becoming periodically. If you do not like what you see you have the power to change it.
Repeated positive words create a ‘can do’ attitude that brings out the best in you. When you continually tell yourself positive words, you become who you speak of.

Everything in life starts from the mind. To succeed in life you must have the right mindset. ‘Life is an echo; speak positive words for you can never be better than the life and the image that you portray of yourself through your words.
Always speak words that are consistent with what you want to achieve in life.

Do you know that the words that we speak are a true confirmation of what our core belief and values are? Let your actions be consistent with what your beliefs are. If what you exhibit is not what you want in your life then, you must work on your self and start afresh.

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

5 Benefits of Being an Author

>• A published book makes you an author and an authority in your field. People are eager to listen to what you have to say. From here you can charge for your services if it was free before now or you can increase your fees if you were already charging. A book helps you to reach a wider audience than you would have in person. Your book represents you in shops and everywhere it is found.

A published book lands you speaking gigs. There are various platforms you can speak like schools, corporations, non profits, government agencies. Expert speakers are sort after every time. Speakers are nicely compensated and with time you will gradually establish your self as a sort after speaker. All these can be possible if you have a published book to your name.

Workshops/Seminars – People are always in need of experts to offer training workshop and seminars from one day to five days.

Consulting – A book opens the author to a world of consultation. Depending on the topic of your book, you can become a consultant for big corporations.

• A book is an effective marketing tool for your core business. With your published book, people would like to do business with you more.

So now you know some of the benefits of writing a book and becoming a published author what are you waiting for?
Join me June 23 for a one day Writers Bootcamp where we will take you from how to choose a topic to Launching your book. To learn more about the bootcamp please visit: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/374330045951707/ on facebook events for more details

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

Four Elements of Business Success

To run a successful business there are certain elements that must be in place at all times to enable you achieve your set out objectives. I would like to discuss four of these elements here and hope that you consider them in your daily business activities so you can achieve your desired success.

1. Always be willing to develop your skills – The knowledge of yesterday is not good enough for today’s business success. Recognise where you are with you business skills and upgrade when ever possible. You need know what is trending in your field and be ready to offer your clients the services they require.

2. Build a team –Learn to delegate or outsource areas of your business that is not your core competence. The power of one cannot be compared with a partnership. Trying to do everything as a small business owner will wear you out quickly. Write down things those activities you can handle without struggle. For me I cannot handle anything that has to do with my site setup, cpanel issues no matter how hard I learn and try .I know not to do anything in that area so I out source. It is a lot cheaper to outsource/ delegate than mess things up.

3. Networking, Networking – Always be willing to network with other business owners. To expand your
business and grow, you must network, meet people andshare ideas. When you network with other business owners you are exposed to more business ideas and opportunities especially when done strategically.

4. Clarity – Focus on what your business goals are and continuously work to achieve your goal. Most times people start their businesses with a particular idea or business focus but along the way they get distracted by some shiny objects. It is therefore important that you have a certain degree of clarity around your business so you can focus and accomplish your desired success.

I would love to hear from you do share your comments below

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

Writers Boot Camp

Today i would like to share with you an event i am organising with a friend. Since writing and publishing my own book, people tend to ask me lot of questions about writing, marketing and publishing. In this course we shall be sharing extensive information from our experiences on writing . Endeavour to attend if this course resonates with you.

This Boot Camp is for you if you;

➤Have a Message to share with the world

➤Have always wanted to write a book and become a published

➤Have started writing a book but aren’t sure how to finish it,
Market or even publish your book?

➤Have you said to yourself ‘I want to be an author and never got
around to doing it?

Have you started writing your book and got stuck?

Everyone has a book in them don’t hold yourself back

Join Bridget Elesin Author of ‘Fathers You Must Take the Lead’ and Pamela Evbota, Author of ‘How to Raise Kids without Losing it’ Discovery Journal; Purpose and Passionl

As we hold Writers Boot Camp a one day BootCamp on Writing a Book from start to publishing. And how to start marketing your book even before you are done writing

Our guest features Maya Filipa, Author of ‘Tell No One’ a fictional Novel and Okechuwku Ofili Author of ‘How Stupidity saved my Life’

Date – June 23, 2012

Time 9am – 5pm

Venue – Best Western Hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Registration – Early Bird – N10, 000

Late registration – N15, 000 starts from June 9th

You wouldn’t want to miss this Boot Camp as we shall give you detailed information about writing and publishing like you’ve never heard it before.

Lots of books from our guest features will be up for grabs

Pre-Registration is required as classroom spaces are limited

Send a mail to info@ladiesnetworking.com

To Your Writing Success,
Pamela Evbota

[Mid Week Inspiration] Quitting

Every one of us has got a negative mindset, about the word quitting. Growing up we are told that failures are associated with quitting and when you quit you are seen as a failure. Someone that is not strong enough to succeed in anything.

But I have come to realise over the years that quitting can be positive, quitting can be the best thing that has ever happened to any individual. If your live is not on the path you have envisioned it to be there is only one thing to do, and that is ‘Quit’ and make a U turn and start afresh. You can quit a relationship that is not working, and you can quit a job that is a dead end. You can quit a business that is not yielding the desired result. So quitting isn’t bad at all. But before you quit, you must be certain and sure that quitting is the best thing for you to do at that point in time.

There is a process to quitting. First be sure you know what you feel about the situation. This may be your job, your relationship or your business.

What are the advantages of holding on to that job, sticking to that relationship and continuing in that business against the disadvantage and the reality on ground? What are the pros and cons note it.
And if you quit what you will be you next line of action? Have you thought of something different? In a relationship situation, when you quit one, you mustn’t jump into another relationship. It is always good to take a time off for a self discovery period of knowing who you are, so you don’t end up making the same mistake of dating the same kind of person that will not serve your life purpose.

And in business - Just because your business isn’t doing well doesn’t really mean it time to quit. Maybe it’s time to stop doing business the same way you have doing it before now.

Your job - is it getting another job or changing your life style completely from the cooperate world to the business sector; you must be clear on these things before you quit.

Take some time to be by yourself in prayer and meditation and ask yourself some questions.

1. When I quit this relationship, this job, this business, what do I want for myself?
2. What life style do I want to carve out for myself? You must be able to analysis and understand what exactly you want to do with your life before you take the next decision.

Make sure you take advantage of this time that you want to quit a situation in your life, and do a soul search and be sure that the next decision, the next chapter you want to open in your life will work out for you and is the best decision you take.

But when you quit, raise your head up high and your shoulders squared up because this is the life you want for yourself. Quitting is positive, quitting sometimes can be good, quitting is an opportunity for a change. Quitting is another way of growth, quitting takes you to a different level, quitting the mediocrity and the low standard take you on to a higher place and higher standard. Have the right attitude toward quitting, don’t see it as a failure on your part, don’t see it as a set back, but see it as a way to connect and go higher and move forward. Quitting could just be the best way and the best solution that you need right now. Don’t hold onto to old relationships, or businesses or a job that is not serving you. Quit and move on to the next stage to the next phase and live the life style that you so desire.

Remember that, when we clinch to things that we are familiar and comfortable with, we short change ourselves because the comfort that we might get for sticking to familiar territory is often at the expense of any progress we would have made when we are open to change.

When we refuse to quit and make a new start our lives loose the sparkle and joy that comes with a new beginning. Permit yourselves to quit and a make a fresh start.

To Your Success,
Pamela Evbota

[Guest Post] Finding a Work from Home Job

Today’s guest Post is from Career Step, a leading voice in online business education. Do enjoy reading and leave a comment
Just imagine how good life would be if instead of weaving your way through daily traffic to reach your office, all you needed to do was to walk a few steps to the next room.

What would it mean for your family if you had more time to spend with them? How impressed would your boss be to notice a sudden spurt in your productivity because all the time and energy you save on commute, meetings and idle office chat is now spent on actual work?

What about moms who never have it easy whether they decide to work or stay at home? What if these stay at home parents could care for their babies, while making a financial contribution and feeling mentally alive?

All the above situations may sound too good to be true, but they’re not. “Work from home” are the three magic words that can turn these dream situations into reality!

But before we go any further, it must be said that finding legitimate work from home opportunities may actually turn out to be harder than finding an office job. Why, you ask? Simply because for every genuine work at home job, there is scam waiting in the wings ready to make a meal of innocent folk.

So, here are some steps you can take to find real work from home job opportunities without falling prey to online scams:

Negotiate with your employer
The best place to start searching for home-based job opportunities is your current workplace. You may be surprised how receptive employers can be to the idea of working from home provided your profile allows telecommuting. They have as much to gain from it as you, so don’t hesitate to broach the subject with them.

Be honest about your situation and explain why you need to work from home. It’s possible that to begin with you will need to convince your employer of your trustworthiness. You can offer to telecommute for a couple of days in a week to start with and gradually move to a full-time work from home arrangement.

Change your approach to job search
Before you start looking for work at home opportunities, you should know that you may have to change your approach to job search.

Broad job search engines like Monster.com or Simplyhired.com are great for finding regular office jobs, but may not be very fruitful as far as work at home options are concerned. You should focus on websites that post work from home jobs or freelance opportunities exclusively.

You can also use keywords like “telecommuting,” “freelancing,” “consulting,” and “work from home” jobs on search engines like Google or Live to find work. However, be wary of the results that are thrown up as a lot of them could be scams.

Use the power of Internet to network

Internet is probably one of the best gifts of man to mankind! Cyber space is exploding with information and communication of all kinds and you can use it to your benefit when it comes to looking for home-based work.

Become a member of industry-specific discussion forums to network with professionals with similar backgrounds and interests. Some of these platforms may also host job listings, so that may work to your advantage.

You can also use professional networking websites like LinkedIn to connect with potential employers or recruiters. Make sure your CV is updated on such websites to harness best opportunities.

Get vocational training
At times, the field or the profile you’re in may not allow telecommuting. Does that mean you give up on your dream of working from home? Not necessarily. If you are willing to invest some time and little money into a vocational training program, it’s possible to start over.

This may work the best for people who are not the main breadwinners in the family as starting over would mean lower wages to begin with.

Some work from home options that can be explored after completing a vocational training program are in fields like medical transcription, medical billing and coding, graphic design, virtual assistance, legal transcription, technical writing, web development, etc.

Other work from home jobs like customer support, data entry, sales and telemarketing may not require specific training, but generic skills like communication, problem-solving, convincing power, typing speed, etc.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a talent for something like painting, photography, cooking, or music, you can turn your craft into a full time home-based business!

Just bear in mind that if you go out looking for home-based careers without any vocational trainingor experience, all you will find is trash!

About Career Step

Career Step is a leading vocational school with almost 20 years of experience in providing online career training specifically designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills needed to quickly transition to a successful career after graduation.

#1 Reason To Have a Facebook Strategy

Facebook is the hub of online social networking; it has well over 350m registered users. A large percentage of users are permanently logged on daily. I dare say that majority of these users haven’t got a clue as to what they are doing on facebook. Their activity is basically surfing from one profile page to another without an agenda or purpose.

Facebook has long transformed from being just a place to reconnect with long lost family and friends. Facebook has become a business tool which has transformed the way people do business online. Millions are made daily by business owners. Wouldn’t you like to be part of this new breed of business owners who run business successfully on facebook? Wouldn’t you rather be conducting your business on facebook than moving from one person’s profile to another without an aim?

To make the best use of your time on facebook you must be clear as to why you are plugged to this social media.

1. What is your motivate for using facebook is it for business, personal or both?

2. How many hours are you logged on to it daily?

3. What do you share with the people you are connected with?

In the early days, people posted all sorts on their wall not knowing that other people could access their profile and up dates. Word of advice always check your security settings and be sure of what you have enabled. Be careful what you share and who you accept as friends.

Some people have lost their jobs as a result of what they have said on facebook. Ignorance is no more an excuse when using facebook. It is very important that you have some basic understanding of how facebook work and what is allowed.

Productivity is a good reason to have an agenda/purpose for your use of facebook. Try and avoid spending your productive day logged on without achieving anything tangible. It is very important to have a strategy. If you are strictly on facebook for friends and family break your time into three time slots of 15minutes each. In the morning post a message/greetings. Read at least 3 friends/ family updates and leave a comment. Make sure you log out after 15 minutes and don’t forget to use a timer. At lunch time read and respond to messages/comment sent to you. Repeat the same process at night. It is good to keep the relationships in your life but don’t spend the whole day on an activity that will eat into your job /other important activities.

On the other hand, if you conduct business on facebook which I earnestly advice people to do, you still need to have a routine /strategy as to how you would conduct your business activity. Don’t spend your day logged on; break your social media time to 30 minutes use, three times a day. You might only post a message or information in the morning and the other social media time will be to react or respond to people’s comment or request about your business. It is very important that you understand the people that are your business page fans and what they respond to. Keep your conversation simple and informative try not to clog people’s inbox with too many mails they might stop being your friend.

Be sure to have a separate account for your business and another for your family and friends. Although I have a group account for my business but I have more people responding on my personal profile this put me on the spot to be careful about what I say as I have mixed messages coming from me.
Learn to stick to your social media allotted time so you can remain productive for the remaining part of the day. Don’t forget that focus brings productivity, and productivity brings success.

To Your Success,

Passion and Business

Passion according to Merriam–Webster.com dictionary is an ‘intense emotion, compelling action. It is deeply stirring or ungovernable’.
Passion is an unexplainable feeling that propels own to act with affection for something.

In recent times, it has become a norm to start a business based on those things you are passionate about. Some people have argued that passion based businesses are not 100% foolproof from failure infact, they might just be the first to fail. I quite agree with this.
I am a strong advocate of starting a business based on your passion provided; your idea (Passion) has been;

1. Tested for business viability – • Are there people that require your services or products?
• Is there a market for the idea enough to bring in profit?
• Who is your target market for the business?
• Your idea (passion) a product or service?

2. A good business Model – What services and products are you offering and how do you intend to package it to your customers/Clients.

3. Having a clear business structure: Make sure all documents are in place concerning your business. It is also very important that you get the proper advice on the right business structure you should have at the beginning of your business registration as your taxes are affected by the business structure you have.

In business when everything about running your business becomes difficult and there seems to be no headway, Passion is what motivates and energizes you to stay on track and succeed. Passion removes the word ‘Quit’ from your options. Passion reminds you of the reason why you are in business; which is the love of what value and benefit you bring to the lives of others. The money you get from your business is secondary as an entrepreneur that is passionate about her business.

In conclusion, starting a business based on your passion is not always foolproof that the business will instantly be profitable. The business needs to have a solid foundation just like any other business out there. The major difference between your business and others out there is that you have started your business based on your talent, purpose and passion.

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.
– T. Alan Armstrong

To Your Success

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