About Me

Hello, I am Pamela Evbota. I am a Helpingpreneur, speaker, and teacher. A Helpingpreneur™ is anyone involved in providing help or support to other people/entrepreneurs for a living. I work with women who are at a cross road in their life, work, and/or business. These women want to get crystal clear on what their purpose and passion is in life.

Why is my service unique? I have been there. I know the fear of wanting more but not being really sure what “more” could mean or even how to get it. I know the fear of not being crystal clear about one’s life purpose and continually being involved in ‘meaningless’ work that does not bring fulfilment.
I discovered my reason for being and I have now found fulfilment in every area of my life. This has now led me to teach women how to find their reason for being and how they can align themselves to it. A wise woman once said “if you discover the cure for cancer wouldn’t you happily share the secret with other people?”

The result is a new lifestyle of purpose, passion, and business. Making money doing what you love.

LadiesNetworking is a web based company founded with the aim of providing business advice and tools to start up and growing businesses. My goal is to reach as many ladies as possible to help them get started in business and support the growing ones.

You, too, can share in this same success. Learn more of what I can offer you and your business by visiting www.ladiesnetworking.com.

To Your Success


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