4 Steps to Living a Contented life

If you must live a happy life and a life free from clutter, from heartaches, from meaningless activities then you must be prepared to live a life of contentment, a life that is your own, a life that is authentic that represent who you are. Not a life that you have copied from others.
And how can you go about achieving this, I would like to outline four steps that you can take to achieve a life of contentment. These steps involve activities that we know about already but, sometimes we are not awake or alive to them and even if we are, we are not willing to go down that road.

If you must live a life of contentment and happiness, the first step is to know your purpose:
What is your purpose? Everyone is created with a purpose; our purpose is like our manual, our reason for being and our big WHY. Everything that has a reason has a purpose to it and through that, every life is created by God. Sometimes as parents when you talk to your kids, maybe you see them involved in a certain activity and you ask them, what are you doing? Sometimes the child says ‘I don’t know and then you say if you don’t know why are you doing it?’ why do you keep at it? So if you look at this analogy and bring it to your life. Ask yourself, why am I here? What is the purpose to all the various activities that I get involved in. What are my motives? If you don’t know the answer, if you don’t know your WHY, if you don’t know why you do what you do, then it’s meaningless. You are running activities, going around in a merry go round.

In a merry go round you might enjoy the first two to three trips but after a while, you get tired and just want to get off the merry go round because, it’s going in motion and nothing is happening, and so that is how it is when you are living a life filled with so much activities and busyness, but has got no meaning to it.
If you must live a life of contentment, a life of joy and peace and happiness you must know for sure what your purpose is. And how do you know your purpose, take time and reflect on your life. Note down the things that you are presently involved in, things you enjoy doing and things you would love to do even if no one offers to pay you for such services. Ask yourself some questions and above all speak to God. Have a one on one conversation with Him. Have a heart to heart discuss with God. He exist, he created you so talk to Him. He has the manual to your life and existence.

I have a workbook called ‘The Quest for Purpose’ it is a simple manual that will help you find out what your purpose is.
Look out for questions you should ask yourself:
What are your inspirations?
What are your aspirations?
What value do you place on yourself?
And what is your soft spot.
What are you passionate about?
Make sure your answers are written down. The answers that you provide to the questions give you a glimpse of what your life is about.
When you are able to see the big picture of your life then you able to align yourself with it. you don’t live someone’s else life, you don’t pretend to be someone else. Your life becomes much more enjoyable and it becomes fun to live with yourself because you know who you are and what your life purpose is.

And the second step
Now that you know your purpose and have aligned yourself to it, the next thing is to have a goal, a plan to achieve your life’s purpose. To set a goal, get a paper and a pen and write down the big picture, the big goal of what you want to achieve through your purpose. Maybe your life purpose is to be of service to others. Make a list of the avenues and ways you can be of service to others. How do you hope to achieve this daily, weekly? Break down your life’s big picture goal into tasks and activities.
How do I become of service to others?
How do I present my service to others?
What can I do to be of service to others?
If this becomes your business, How do I monetise my purpose?

This is your goal, broken down into manageable parts that you can actualise within a certain period. There must be a period within which you must achieve your goals because if you do not have time limit to accomplish each task, there is no motivation to get them done.
Everyday live your life with intention and on purpose because you know what you want to accomplish, and when you wake up every morning, you wake up ready to achieve something because every bit that you achieve add up to the bigger picture of your life.

A goal is only a goal if it is written down. Define your purpose; your goal stands for your purpose. When you define it you break it down to manageable parts, break it down to time frame and this goals should be realistic don’t set ambiguous goals that can not be achieved, if you work online, you don’t say I want to earn 1 million dollars, you should say you want to earn one million dollars within a certain time frame. And then what you can do is to break down the money into weekly, monthly achievable chunks and activities that well lead to its actualization. This is how you can set your goal that is realistic, achievable and measureable.

The third step to living a life of contentment Is living without clutter, Clutter could be physical or emotional. We tend to pile up things, physical properties and emotional baggage in our physical space and in our hearts, we get involved in so many activities that don’t really serve us, but because of distraction, because of things that we see along the path of life, we tend to accumulate stuffs. We accumulate different things into our lives and on the long run our physical space is packed with things we don’t need. Emotionally our hearts are preoccupied with issues that have scared us. If we must live a life of contentment, a life that brings peace and satisfaction a life that is yours that is authentic, you must learn to go one day at a time and learn to take on things that will serve you, things that will define who you are and not things that you use to fill up space.

Most times we buy things that we aren’t in need of. We buy them because they come at a good bargain, or our friends have them and we don’t want to be left out. If you have got clothes or accessories that you haven’t wore in over a year, chances are you don’t need them or you have forgotten about them. This is clutter that needs to be cleaned out. There are so many people out there who will be happy when you share with them.
Then we have emotional clutter, we have things weighing us down, things that upset us from as far back as we can remember. There might be forgiveness issues in our life we have to work out, this pile up and form emotional clutter. With this sort of clutter, we are not able to think straight, it affects our reasoning and it affects our lives. We cannot live a life of content in this type of scenario. Instead it causes us pain and heartaches. Until we are willing to let go and move on, our emotions will be running on half capacity.

If you know you have got emotional clutter, please take the decision to let go of your pains and maybe hatred or bitterness. It is time to go through a healing process and start afresh
And the fourth step of living a contented life is simplifying your life style. In recent times I have read of people who have taken the drastic decisions of leaving metropolitan cities and going into the country side giving up all their properties. Giving up all things that pertain to making life easy like a microwave, washing machine, they just want to live close to nature and eat organically grown food. This is their way of living a simplified life. I don’t necessarily advocate that for you. It is my belief that a simplified life is one that is not complicated by unnecessary cares and worries. A simplified life is a life lived based on one’s conviction and so you don’t run in several directions just so you fit into the social life of others. A simplified life does not demand that you please others. You live a minimal life if it makes you happy.

To live a simplified life, first define who you are, what you want and live your truth. Live your purpose, define your goals and live in a cutter free environment. If you follow this path I bet you are on your way to simplifying your life style where you don’t do things because it will please others.
Living a contented life is living a life that does not seek to be complicated. A contented life is living a life that serves you and the purpose for which God has created you to live. Stay on your track and run your race.
I wish you peace and love always.

Pamela Evbota

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5 Responses to “4 Steps to Living a Contented life”
  1. Eno says:

    i am very blessed by this write up. I got your website via Laterna and read your profile that attracted me to your site.

    • Hi Eno,
      I am happy to welcome you to my website. I hope you have gone through the various sections. There are a whole lot to gain. Ladies Networking is an online resources center for women who would like to create a new lifestyle that expresses who they are.

      I hope you have subscribed to get my free book .


  2. Atul sharma says:

    Hi Pamela,
    One of the best article from core of the heart.
    It really touched and made me to introspect.


    • Pamela Evbota says:

      Hi Atul,
      Thanks for your comment and i hope everyday meet you with Conentment for the life that is before you.


  3. Lukman says:

    Great! what an inspirational write up may God always be with you. am really impressed keep it up

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